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Oocyte Aspiration

The Equine Clinic at OakenCroft offers oocyte aspiration and shipment.  This is great option for broodmares no longer able to carry a foal or who are not good embryo transfer candidates.  In this procedure, a special ultrasound probe and needle are used to remove oocytes directly from the mare’s ovary.  The oocytes are then shipped to a laboratory where they are matured and then injected directly with a sperm cell, Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI.  If an embryo develops appropriately it is then transferred to a recipient mare who will carry the foal to term. Mares who have carried a foal are the best candidates for oocyte aspiration, although, some maiden mares can successfully be aspirated.  ECO typically uses the Equine Medical Services lab for ICSI. For more information on whether ICSI is an option for your mare, please contact Dr. Jones.