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Breeding Soundness Exam

Before investing in a horse to be used as a breeding animal it is a very good idea to have a breeding soundness exam done.  In mares, this includes palpation and ultrasound of her reproductive tract, speculum exam of her cervix, manual vaginal exam, endometrial culture, and endometrial biopsy. We can provide all of those services in one visit.  A detailed reproductive history is very helpful to us as well.

In stallions, a breeding soundness exam includes collection and semen evaluation, culture of the semen, culture of the penis, testicular measurements and ultrasound, and ultrasound of the accessory sex glands.  Again, the stallion’s breeding performance in the past is an essential component of the soundness exam as well.

Call us before purchasing a horse for your breeding program, and we will help you learn everything you need to know.