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Veterinary Student Externs

We at ECO enjoy mentoring future equine doctors. Each doctor at ECO has been in the student’s shoes as they chose the trajectory of their career path. It is our goal, through the interaction with our multiple doctors, clients, and patients, that we in some small way can help our visiting veterinary students in their choices.

Our externs have ample opportunity to come into hands-on contact with real life situations that they may face once they graduate. Our doctors are also open to discussing the rewards and pitfalls of veterinary medicine in general and equine ambulatory practice in particular. It is gratifying to us that we still have contact with many of our externs who are now successful veterinarians in their own right.

Successful applicants for our internship come from those who have spent time with us as externs. We do accept 1st and 2nd year students as externs with preference in scheduling being given to 3rd and 4th years. We always look forward to our externs for they always bring us new personalities, new ideas, and a renewal that equine veterinary medicine is attracting the best and the brightest.

We are extremely excited to be co-hosting a weekend devoted to veterinary students that are interested in equine veterinary medicine.  2017 will be our second year hosting this event in partnership with Millbrook Equine and Rhinebeck Equine.  More information will follow and be posted as soon as possible in the events section of our website, so please visit our website often.  You may also be able to garner some information from your student AAEP chapter.

Applications are required for externships.  A complete application includes:

1.  The completed application form: Extern Application

2.  A current photograph of the applicant (a headshot is ok)

3.   CV/Resume

4.  Proof of liability insurance; available as a veterinary student through the AVMA-PLIT.  See www.avmaplit.com/products/student-liability/ for more information.

Additional information:
      Extern Information
      Directions to Service Area Meeting Places

All applications and inquiries should be directed to Stacy Mayhew at sm@oakencroft.org