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Visiting Students

We at ECO have had a long standing tradition of mentoring future equine doctors through our Veterinary Internship and Externship opportunities.

In order for our visiting students to achieve the best possible externship available, ECO will host no more than two students at the same time.  Preference is given to veterinary students in their third and fourth years but if space allows, we will gladly host first- and second- year veterinary students, undergraduate college students, or high school students.  Casual business attire (polo shirts are OK) with appropriate footwear (closed-toe boots or similar) recommended.

Students: please check our calendar below for dates still available for visiting our practice.  Dates shown in yellow mean that we have space for one more student; dates in green mean that we are completely open.  Dates in red mean that we are fully booked.

Directions to Service Area Meeting Places
Veterinary Student Externs 
College Undergraduates 
High School Students

Available Dates In Green (Two Openings) and Yellow (One Opening)

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